Difference Between Driving Lights and Fog Lights

Driving Lights vs Fog Lights Driving lights and fog lights are the lighting system found in motor vehicles. These are used as signaling devices in providing light. It helps the driver in operating the car/motorcycle safely, especially at night. Furthermore, it increases the conspicuity of your vehicle. Driving Lights Driving Lights, also known as driving […]

Difference Between Shocks and Struts

Shocks vs Struts Shocks and struts are important parts of a motorcycle, car or any other large automobile. Their primary purpose is to decrease suspension travel. These two special components try to accomplish this by converting spring movement into heat energy. This heat energy is later dissipated by hydraulic fluid. You cannot run your car […]

Difference Between Radial Tire and Tubeless Tire

Radial Tire vs Tubeless Tire Radial tire and tubeless tire are two innovations from tire manufacturers. We all know how important tires are for running automobiles smoothly on roads. Traditionally, tires were made with a provision of an inner tube that was filled with air to provide a soft cushioning that made vehicles running smoothly. This […]

Difference Between Overdrive and Drive

Overdrive vs Drive The terms drive and overdrive are concepts used in terms of power transmission in cars and other automobiles. Whether you have manual gears or automatic transmission in your car, both drive and overdrive options are available to you. For those who do not wish to be told in technical terms, overdrive is […]

Difference Between Battery Charger and Battery Maintainer

Battery Charger vs Battery Maintainer Battery charger and battery maintainer are both used for the same purpose of charging the battery of your automobile but there is a difference in their functions. If you have a large family car that you use sparingly only on occasions when the entire family is going out, you know […]

Difference Between Eyelets and Grommets

Difference Between Eyelets and Grommets

Eyelets vs Grommets   Though eyelet and grommet serve one basic purpose: reinforce the area surrounding the hole that is cut into any fabric, there is difference between eyelet and grommet. By strengthening the area of the hole that was cut, eyelet and grommet eliminate any fraying whenever rope or wires are threaded through the hole […]