Difference Between Lorry and Truck

Lorry vs Truck Lorry and Truck are two words that are often confused due to the appeared similarity in their meanings. Actually there is some difference between the two words. It is important to know that both truck and lorry are vehicles used for different purposes. A truck is generally a smaller vehicle when compared […]

Difference Between Caravan and Motorhome

Caravan vs Motorhome

Caravan vs Motorhome   The difference between caravan and motorhome arises from the nature of their design. Before that, why would you want to know the difference between caravan and motorhome? Let us explain. If you are a habitual vacationer, you must be horrified with the cost of accommodation which has skyrocketed in the last […]

Difference Between Caravan and Grand Caravan

Caravan vs Grand Caravan Dodge is a brand of cars produced by Chrysler Group and Dodge Caravan is one of its most successful and popular minivans that was first produced in 1983. After four years, in 1987, Chrysler announced a long wheelbase models called Dodge Grand Caravan. Both LWB Grand Caravan and SWB Caravan continued […]