Difference Between Bilateral and Multilateral Trade Agreements

Bilateral vs Multilateral Trade Agreements

Bilateral vs Multilateral Trade Agreements   Bilateral and Multilateral Trade Agreements are not uncommon terms, and that makes it easier to determine the difference between them. Indeed, although most of us might not be aware of their precise definition, we have a general idea as to their meaning. In simple terms, Bilateral refers to something […]

Difference Between Lessor and Lessee

Lessor vs Lessee   A business owner who requires a specific asset has two options to obtain the asset; he can either purchase it or lease the asset. Leasing an asset can be more economical than purchasing it, as a lease is like renting an asset and using it over the period of time that […]

Difference Between Assignment and Delegation

Assignment vs Delegation   Contracts law has many important concepts. Two complimentary concepts in these are delegation and assignment. A very thin line divides assignment and delegation. This article attempts to highlight the differences between assignment and delegation by discussing the features of both. Assignment In any contract, there are rights held by a party. […]

Difference Between Novation and Assignment

Novation vs Assignment In businesses and commercial activities, contracts and agreements hold great significance, especially in these times of mergers and acquisitions, and change in partnerships in between projects. It is thus, prudent to know the differences between Novation and assignment to safeguard one’s financial interests when entering into a contract or agreement with another […]

Difference Between Indemnity and Guarantee

Indemnity vs Guarantee Indemnity and guarantee are two important ways to safeguard ones interests when entering into a contract. There are many similarities between the two concepts though they differ a lot also. This article will highlight the differences between Indemnity and guarantee to enable readers to choose one of the two depending upon circumstances and […]