Difference Between Tolerance and Allowance

Tolerance vs Allowance   In English, tolerance of a person is said to be his limit of patience. This capacity to tolerate is different in different people as in drug tolerance, alcohol tolerance or even religious tolerance. We can see that tolerance is seen as a virtue in human beings. However, the concept has a […]

Difference Between Conceptual and Detail Design

Conceptual vs Detail Design In industries, there is a large difference in conceptual and detailed designing. Both however are important for any company that is producing items in competition with other companies as concept designing helps them to check feasibility of an idea that is in the minds of a designer. Sometimes, there is a […]

Difference Between Plant and Machinery

Plant vs Machinery In day to day parlance, it is customary to refer to plant and machinery as a single entity and even accountants tend to take them as a grouping while reflecting them as fixed assets in a financial statement. Sometime an acronym called PP&E is used to refer to property, plant and machinery […]

Difference Between Flameproof and Explosion Proof

Flameproof vs Explosion Proof Flameproof and explosion proof refers to enclosures that are made out of metal that are able to endure the internal forces of an explosion. The enclosures’ joints cool escaping gases so those gases will not ignite the volatile gases in a hazardous area. Flameproof Flameproof enclosures are used as protection on […]