Difference Between Bank Draft and Certified Cheque

Difference Between Bank Draft and Certified Cheque

Bank Draft vs Certified Cheque   Bank draft and certified cheque are among the different services banks offer to their customers, as such it is beneficial to know the difference between bank draft and certified cheque. More specifically, bank drafts and certified cheques are both payment mechanisms that are made available to bank customers. Both bank […]

Difference Between Cheque and Demand Draft

Cheque vs Demand Draft   Businesses and individuals use a number of payment mechanisms to transfer funds, settle transactions and make payments. Most of these transactions occur through the aid of banks and financial institutions. Cheques and demand drafts are two such methods used for transferring funds and making payments. Despite them serving the same […]

Difference Between Bank Draft and Cheque

Bank Draft vs Cheque   Cheques and bank drafts are services that are provided by a bank to its customers in order to make payments for goods and services. While they may sound similar to one another there are a number of important differences. The main difference being that a cheque is issued by the […]

Difference Between Retail Banking and Corporate Banking

Retail Banking vs Corporate Banking   The banking industry is divided into two major banking components known as retail banking and corporate banking. Retail banking includes products and services which are offered to individual customers. Corporate banking services are those products and services that cater specifically to corporate customers such as large corporations and small […]

Difference Between Investment Bank and Commercial Bank

Investment Bank vs Commercial Bank   There are two distinct types of banks called investment banks and commercial banks which perform a set of distinct functions. Commercial banks offer a variety of deposit and lending services while investment banks offer investment management, securities trading, and securities underwriting services. There are banks that offer both types […]

Difference Between Central Bank and Commercial Bank

Central Bank vs Commercial Bank   Commercial banks and central bank are important parts of the country’s overall economy. While commercial banks offer products and services to businesses and individuals, the country’s central bank will offer products and services to the government and other commercial banks. There are a number of differences between commercial banks […]