Difference Between Bank Owned and Foreclosure

Difference Between Foreclosures and Bank Owned

Bank Owned vs Foreclosure   Foreclosed homes and bank owned homes (or REO) are terms used often in the Property market and an understanding on the difference between bank owned and foreclosure is important for those dealing with buying and selling properties. Foreclosure and bank owned homes are homes that have been repossessed by a bank […]

Difference Between Mortgage and Home Equity Loan and Home Loan

Mortgage vs Home Equity Loan vs Home Loan   Mortgage and home loan are terms that are used interchangeably and, therefore, refer to the same thing. However, a home equity loan is very much different to a mortgage, as it is a second mortgage taken on the house or real estate property, taking into consideration […]

Difference Between Charge, Mortgage and Pledge

Charge vs Mortgage vs Pledge   Charges, mortgages, and pledges are quite similar to one another in that they are all security interests that banks use to provider lender with security over the borrower’s assets. There are, however, a few differences between them in terms of the ownership of the asset when loans are taken […]

Difference Between Lien and Mortgage

Lien vs Mortgage   Companies frequently borrow funds for investment, expansion, business development and operational requirements. In order for banks and financial institutions to grant funds to borrowers, there needs to be some form of assurance that the borrowed funds will be repaid to the lender. This assurance is obtained when borrowers offer an asset […]

Difference Between Fixed and Floating Charge

Fixed vs Floating Charge   Fixed and floating charges are mechanisms used to provide a lender with security over a borrower’s assets. The main difference between the two lies in the types of assets held as collateral and the flexibility in disposing the asset over the life of the loan. The type of charge chosen […]

Difference Between Collateral and Mortgage

Collateral vs Mortgage   Mortgages and collateral are terms that are closely related to one another and are constantly referred to when discussing loans and lending. Collateral acts as an insurance policy for lenders which can be sold to recover losses when a borrower defaults on their loan. Mortgage is a loan that uses a […]