Difference Between Nifty and Sensex

Nifty vs Sensex   The Bombay Stock Exchange (BSE) and National Stock Exchange (NSE) are two of the most prominent stock exchanges in India, in which majority of the country’s equity trades are conducted. Sensex is a stock index that is used by the BSE, and Nifty is one of the indexes that are used […]

Difference Between Preferred Stock and Common Stock

Preferred Stock vs Common Stock   Public corporations gain capital by selling stock to the public. When an investor purchases the company’s stock they are investing their funds in the company and will become one of the many stockholders of the firm. Both common stock and preferred stock represent a claim of ownership in a […]

Difference Between Financial Accounting and Cost Accounting

Financial Accounting vs Cost Accounting   Accounting is divided into two main categories known as financial accounting and cost accounting. Financial accounting is mostly used for external reporting purposes, in which financial transactions are recorded according to the generally accepted accounting principles. Cost accounting is mostly used for internal purposes where financial information is recorded […]

Difference Between Assessment Year and Financial Year

Assessment Year vs Financial Year   There comes a time of year where individuals and corporations have to file their income tax returns. It is during this time that the terms financial year and assessment year are discussed in great detail. It is important to understand the meaning of financial year and assessment year for […]

Difference Between Invoice and Bill

Invoice vs Bill   Invoices and bills are documents that are presented to buyers by sellers for commercial purposes. Invoices and bills are quite similar to one another as they both contain information about the goods that are being sold, and the total price that should be paid. There are, however, a number of differences […]

Difference Between Maestro and Visa Card

Maestro vs Visa Card   Paperless money or plastic cards are a very popular method used for payments in today’s world. There are a number of credit cards, charge and debit cards that are available to choose from which include companies such as Visa, Master, Maestro, American Express, etc. Visa and Maestro do not have […]

Difference Between Loan and Advance

Loan vs Advance   In times of financial difficulties, individuals/corporations find means from which they can obtain extra funding to fulfill their personal needs, business commitments, investments, etc. There are a few options that can be explored which are to take out a loan or an advance in order to fulfill obligations. Whether a loan […]

Difference Between Loan and Lease

Loan vs Lease   Loans and leases are popular methods used by individuals or corporations for the use and acquisition of equipment. Loans and leases are both offered by banks and financial corporations and whichever is used will depend on the equipment in question, purpose, convenience, tax benefits, etc. There are a number of differences […]

Difference Between Lien and Mortgage

Lien vs Mortgage   Companies frequently borrow funds for investment, expansion, business development and operational requirements. In order for banks and financial institutions to grant funds to borrowers, there needs to be some form of assurance that the borrowed funds will be repaid to the lender. This assurance is obtained when borrowers offer an asset […]