Difference Between Charismatic and Transformational Leadership

Difference Between Charismatic and Transformational Leadership

Key Difference – Charismatic vs Transformational Leadership   Charismatic leadership and Transformational leadership are two important classifications of leadership between which a key difference can be identified. When speaking of leadership as a whole, this has a deep history. Leadership creates an ambiance for both change and also resistance to change. When focusing on the two […]

Difference Between Proactive and Reactive Risk Management

Difference between Proactive and Reactive Risk Management

Key Difference- Proactive vs Reactive Risk Management   Before reading about the difference between proactive and reactive risk management, let us first look at what risk management is all about. Errors are common in any work environment. Such errors may occur due to human mistakes, unexpected accidents, natural disasters and third party decisions which affect the […]

Difference Between Change and Innovation

Difference between change and innovation

Key Difference – Change vs Innovation   The key difference between change and innovation is that change is the difference in a state of affairs related to different points of time whereas innovation is something original and new, being introduced to the world. It can be new ideas, new devices or new processes. Change is […]

Difference Between MBO and MBE


Key Difference – MBO vs MBE   The difference between management by objectives (MBO) and management by exception (MBE) can be found in the management principles and practice. Different management authors have proposed different models of management which suit different leadership styles and motivation ideologies. Management by objectives and management by exception are significant models out of […]

Difference Between Change Management and Change Leadership

diffeernce between leadership and change management

Key Difference – Change Management vs Change Leadership   Change management and change leadership are two similar approaches to introduce a change in an organization though, there is some difference between them in approach and size of the change. The key difference between these two terms is that Change management is the application of a set of […]

Difference Between Yin and Yang

difference between yin and yang

Key Difference – Yin vs Yang   Yin and Ying, though there is a difference between them, are two universal forces whose harmonious existence is a prerequisite for the sustainable well-being of the complete universe as per Chinese belief. The difference between Yin and Yang is what distinguishes the two seemingly opposite forces. However, yin […]

Difference Between Change and Development

Change vs Development

Key Difference – Change vs Development   In a rapidly changing competitive world, organizations cannot run a business successfully without adapting to changes that are taking place in the business environment. Organization change includes changing organizations’ structure, technology and process, and business model to gain competitive advantage. The key difference between change and development in the organizational […]

Difference Between Innovation and Entrepreneurship

Difference Between Innovation and Entrepreneurship

Key Difference – Innovation vs Entrepreneurship   Innovation and Entrepreneurship are two different terms having entirely different meanings. However, there is a relationship between innovation and entrepreneurship, which sometimes makes the confusion. The key difference between innovation and entrepreneurship is that the innovation means introducing something new. This can be an idea, product, model, or […]

Difference Between Corporate Planning and Strategic Planning

Corporate Planning vs Strategic Planning

Corporate Planning vs Strategic Planning   In the surface level, strategic planning and corporate planning are interrelated though, there is difference between corporate planning and strategic planning in the sense that strategic planning refers to the larger extent when compared to the corporate planning. In simple, the strategic planning relates to the entire company, and […]

Difference Between Entrepreneurship and Management

Difference Between Entrepreneurship and Management

Entrepreneurship vs Management   Though entrepreneurship and management are closely related terms in business, there is a considerable difference between both processes. Management encompasses the large spectrum of organizational studies. Putting it simple, management explains each aspect of organizations and it discusses organization and coordination of activities in order to achieve a desired set of […]