Difference Between Service and Hospitality

Difference Between Service and Hospitality

Key Difference – Service vs Hospitality   Service and hospitality are two common words that are used in business context. Service refers to a valuable action, or effort performed to satisfy a need or to fulfill a demand; intangible products such as education, insurance, transportation, banking, etc. are considered as services. Hospitality refers to the […]

Difference Between Personal Selling and Sales Promotion

Difference Between Personal Selling and Sales Promotion

Key Difference – Personal Selling vs Sales Promotion   Personal selling and sales promotion are components of integrated marketing communications. Both attempt to communicate a message created by an organisation towards the customer. The key difference between personal selling and sales promotion lies in the process adopted. Circumstances define the timeline of usage of these communication […]

Difference Between Lead and Opportunity

Lead vs Opportunity   Customer relationship management (CRM) is a system which manages the relationships that a firm has with its current customers and prospective future customers. Under customer relationship management, a firm identifies different stages involved in making a sale. The process starts with identifying or establishing contact with an individual or firm. This […]

Difference Between Wholesaler and Distributor

Distributor vs Wholesaler   If you are a manufacturer making products for people, you need to have a supply chain that takes your products or services to the end consumer. You, as a producer, are not expected to sell your products directly to consumers as it is a waste of time and effort. In a supply […]

Difference Between Refurbished and New

Refurbished vs New   Refurbished products are returned to the manufacturer or the vendor for one or the other reason and reconditioned to be sold again though not as brand new. Refurbished is a term that people find confusing when they are buying a gadget or electronics item online. There are the usual products being […]

Difference Between Sale and Clearance

Sale vs Clearance   Sale, clearance, and clearance sale are some of the terms that are very endearing to most of us as they give us an opportunity to get the item we had been looking for quite some time at prices that are very much lower than their retail prices. Whenever we see discount […]

Difference Between Refurbished and Used

Refurbished vs Used   We all are aware of the word used and the concept behind used items as many of us have in the past bought items that have been used by their previous owners like second hand cars and other gadgets or home products. These days there is another term that is increasingly […]

Difference Between Inside and Outside Sales

Inside vs Outside Sales   Salespersons are salespersons whether they sell at shops, close deals over the telephone, or pay a visit to client’s place to sell a product or service; this differentiation of inside sales and outside sales does not matter much to consumers. However, there are many differences for those in the sales […]