Difference Between Service and Hospitality

Difference Between Service and Hospitality

Key Difference – Service vs Hospitality   Service and hospitality are two common words that are used in business context. Service refers to a valuable action, or effort performed to satisfy a need or to fulfill a demand; intangible products such as education, insurance, transportation, banking, etc. are considered as services. Hospitality refers to the […]

Difference Between Refurbished and New

Refurbished vs New   Refurbished products are returned to the manufacturer or the vendor for one or the other reason and reconditioned to be sold again though not as brand new. Refurbished is a term that people find confusing when they are buying a gadget or electronics item online. There are the usual products being […]

Difference Between Consumer and User

Consumer vs User   We think we know the meanings of the words consumer and user. Of course, we do, as consumers are people who consume (literally) or make use of a product in the household. So if a person buys a LCD TV for use in his family, all members of the family are […]

Difference Between Prepaid and Postpaid Plans

Prepaid vs Postpaid Plans The Prepaid name itself is self explanatory. Basically this is a payment method for any service which you pay in advance before using it. Where as in post-paid you pay for the service after using it. The services could be anything but mostly Mobile, broadband, TV subscription, calling cards (mostly prepaid […]