Difference Between Freight and Shipping

Difference Between Freight and Shipping

Freight vs Shipping ¬† As freight and shipping are two of the most popular methods of shipping the products that one needs, there is a huge interest in finding the difference between freight and shipping. However, each one has its advantages as well as disadvantages. Therefore, knowing the difference between freight and shipping may help […]

Difference Between Shipping and Delivery

Shipping vs Delivery   Shipping and delivery is a phrase that can be seen in the terms and conditions mentioned in websites that sell products to their customers. Most people tend to think that shipping and delivery are synonymous terms. However, despite many similarities, there are differences between shipping and delivery that will be talked […]

Difference Between Detention and Demurrage

Detention vs Demurrage   Detention and Demurrage are words commonly used in the context of the shipping industry. These are also words that are often clubbed together as if being synonymous. However, it is erroneous, and despite similarities, there are differences that are important for freighters and also for people who use the services of […]

Difference Between Bus and Coach

Bus vs Coach   We all are aware of the importance of buses in our public transport system around the country despite the growing popularity of long distance trains, metros, airplanes, and automobiles of all sorts. Buses are a part and parcel of city life and also inside towns where they carry passengers to important […]

Difference Between Tender and Quotation

Tender vs Quotation   Tender and quotation have become very common words that people use in daily lives. We ask for a quotation from a website providing insurance services and also ask a plumber for an estimate before he begins work when something goes wrong with plumbing accessories in bathroom. Tender is a word that […]