Difference Between Maori and Aboriginal

Maori vs Aboriginal   The indigenous tribes of people living in Australia are referred to as aboriginal, their Trans Tasman counterparts, the indigenous or native population of New Zealand is labeled as Maori. There are many who believe these two people to be similar to each other and often treat Maoris as aboriginals. However, those […]

Difference Between Australian States and Territories

Australian States vs Territories

Australian States vs Territories   The difference between Australian states and territories lies in the governing powers of the states and territories. Australia is a huge country and a continent in itself. It is referred to as a Commonwealth of Australia being a union of 6 states and 10 Australian territories. This division between states […]

Difference Between Shire and Council

Shire vs Council Shire and council are words that are used for administrative areas in third and lowest tier of governance, top two being federal and state governments. It is the local government that is closely associated with the lives of ordinary citizens, and is variously referred to as council, shire, or local councils. Local […]

Difference Between Unleaded and E10

Unleaded vs E10 | Unleaded Petrol vs E10 Fuel The depleting resources of natural oil, and thus petroleum, have forced many nations of the world to think in terms of alternative fuels for automobiles that are dependent on gasoline. Australia is one country that has taken the lead in this regard with a new fuel […]

Difference Between Business Name and Trading Name

Business Name vs Trading Name When you are doing business in Australia in particular, and anywhere in general, two names matter a lot. First is the business name, which is the identifying factor as your clients and prospective customers know you and your products and services with this name. Sometimes people continue to do business […]

Difference Between Business Name and Company Name

Business Name vs Company Name Though, there are clear cut rules and regulations pertaining to both business name and company name in Australia, many still think of both being same because of similarity in names of these two terms. However, the fact is that a company name is different from a business name and the […]

Difference Between ABN and TFN

ABN vs TFN | Australia Business Number vs Tax File Number If you are a citizen of Australia, you must be aware of two very important numbers that have significance in your life. One of these is TFN that stands for Tax File Number. It is a number that is unique for every individual and […]

Difference Between ABN and Business Name

ABN vs Business Name If you are in Australia and plan to do some business, it is vital to know the difference between ABN and ACN, which are legalities that need to be completed before starting a business. While ABN is the business number that is unique for every business running in Australia (whether big […]

Difference Between Telstra 3G and Next G and 4G LTE

Telstra 3G vs Next G vs 4G LTE | Next G Phones vs 4G LTE Phones | Next G Modem vs 4G LTE Modems Telstra 3G, Next G and 4G are mobile communication networks used in Australia by Telstra. Next G is a brand name from Telstra for its HSPA Network. Currently Telstra operates with […]