Difference Between Telstra 3G and Next G and 4G LTE

Telstra 3G vs Next G vs 4G LTE | Next G Phones vs 4G LTE Phones | Next G Modem vs 4G LTE Modems Telstra 3G, Next G and 4G are mobile communication networks used in Australia by Telstra. Next G is a brand name from Telstra for its HSPA Network. Currently Telstra operates with […]

Difference Between Optus Galaxy S2 (Galaxy S II) and Telstra Galaxy S2

Optus Galaxy S2 (Galaxy S II) vs Telstra Galaxy S2 Samsung Galaxy S II (Galaxy S2) is the next sensational phone to arrive in Australia this winter (2011). Galaxy S II is a flagship device from Samsung. It’s a huge device with amazing specs. It features a 4.3″ super AMOLED plus display, 8MP camera, 16GB […]

Difference Between Telstra iPad 2 and Optus iPad 2 and Vodafone iPad 2 and Virgin Mobile iPad 2 Data Plans Prices

Telstra iPad 2 vs Optus iPad 2 vs Vodafone iPad 2 vs Virgin Mobile iPad 2 Data Plans Prices Telstra, Optus, Vodafone and Virgin Mobile data plans are really competitive to reach the Tablet consumer market in Australia. Mostly in Australia a lot of people buy Apple products comparing to other products. But this time, […]

Difference Between Telstra 4G LTE (FD-LTE) and Vividwireless 4G LTE (TD-LTE) in Australia

Telstra 4G LTE (FD-LTE) vs Vividwireless 4G LTE (TD-LTE) in Australia Telstra LTE (FD-LTE) and Vividwireless LTE (TD-LTE) are two flavours of LTE technology that are going to be used in 4G network in Australia by Telstra and VividWireless. Telstra will use its existing 2G spectrum (1800MHz) to deploy 4G LTE network with FD-LTE technology, initially in […]

Difference Between 3G and 4G in Australia

3G vs 4G in Australia 3G and 4G are both mobile wireless access technologies. 3G is widely used across the world now while 4G is still evolving and already deployed in some counties in Europe and in America only. Telstra the Telco giant in Australia announced on 15th Feb 2011 that they are planning to […]

Difference Between Foxtel and Austar

Foxtel vs Austar Foxtel and Austar are Australia’s leading  subscription television service providers. The main business of Foxtel is the operation of both cable and direct broadcast satellite television services. On the other hand Austar in addition to subscription television offers dial-up internet and mobile telephone services. They are also involved in broadband service, which is […]