Difference Between Kochi and Cochin

Kochi vs Cochin   Cochin is a popular tourist destination frequented by tourists from all parts of the world. It is a beautiful coastal city along the western coast of India that lies in the southern part of the country. However, tourists coming over to this port city in India are confused because they see […]

Difference Between Himachal and Himadri

Himachal vs Himadri Himalayas is a mountain range system that is highest in the world and has some of the highest peaks in the world including Mt Everest and K2. This mountain range in Asia separates India from the rest of Asia, which is why India is termed as a subcontinent. The word Himalaya comes […]

Difference Between NCR and NCT

NCR vs NCT If you live in Delhi or in a surrounding area, you are probably aware of acronyms like NCR and NCT but for those who arrive here as a tourist or as students enrolling in various colleges for higher studies, the terms can sometimes be confusing. While NCR refers to National Capital Region, […]

Difference Between Kanpur and Lucknow

Kanpur vs Lucknow Lucknow is the capital city of the state of Uttar Pradesh in India, while Kanpur is a large industrial city adjacent to Lucknow. Lucknow is the seat of administration and is called a city of the bureaucrats, whereas Kanpur is an industrial city famous for its leather products that are exported in […]

Difference Between Varanasi and Banaras

Varanasi vs Banaras If you want to visit and experience the holiest of cities in entire world, leave alone India, you need to head towards northern region of India, where in the state of Uttar Pradesh you find the land of Shiva, the creator of life, according to Hindu Puranas. Variously known as Varanasi, Banaras […]

Difference Between Kerala and Ladakh

Kerala vs Ladakh Kerala and Ladakh are two mountainous regions of India that show some differences between them. Kerala is an Indian state situated on the Malabar Coast of south-west India. On the other hand, Ladakh is a mountainous region of Jammu and Kashmir. The state of Kerala has a total area of 15, 005 […]

Difference Between Western Ghats and Eastern Ghats

Western Ghats vs Eastern Ghats India is a land of marvelous natural beauty and relief features that are very diverse. If you have hills and snow covered mountain peaks, you also get deserts. India has lots of rivers, plateaus, plains, beaches, deltas and deserts. It boasts of a large coastline along its western, southern, and […]

Difference Between Pune and Bangalore

Pune vs Bangalore Pune and Bangalore are two cities in the country of India that show some differences between them when it comes to their places of interest and economy. The city of Bangalore is also called by the name Bengaluru. It is the capital city of the state of Karnataka in the southern part […]

Difference Between Chennai and Madras

Chennai vs Madras Chennai and Madras are one and the same with some small differences between them. Chennai is the name in the Tamil language or the native language of the state of Tamilnadu in India whereas Madras is its English name during the time of the British. For a brief period it was also […]