Difference Between Indian Railways i-Ticket and e-Ticket

Indian Railways i-Ticket vs e-Ticket i-Ticket and e-Ticket are two words used in the terminology of Indian Railways. These two terms are to be understood with some difference of course. i-Tickets are train tickets that can be booked via Internet. It is a wonderful facility extended by Indian Railways to the people who do not […]

Difference Between Kingfisher and Kingfisher Red

Kingfisher vs Kingfisher Red Although both Kingfisher and Kingfisher Red are airline groups based in India, they show differences between them. The domestic classes also show differences between them. The domestic Kingfisher First is characterized by 48 inch seat pitch whereas Kingfisher Red is Kingfisher Airline’s low-cost class on domestic routes. Passengers are served complimentary […]

Difference Between Jet Airways Konnect and Jetlite

Jet Airways Konnect vs Jetlite Jet Konnect and Jet Lite are two brands of Jet Airways. There is some difference between the two. Jet Lite belongs to the low-cost carrier group. It is interesting to note that Jet Lite is a smaller aircraft with lesser services for that matter. Food will be provided in Jet […]

Difference Between Air India and Indian Airlines

Air India vs Indian Airlines Although both Air India and Indian Airlines are national carriers of India, they show some differences between them. Indian Airlines is an important airline based in Mumbai. It primarily focuses on domestic routes. But it provides routes to some important countries too within Asia. Indian Airlines is governed by the […]