Difference Between Hebrew and Jew

Hebrew vs Jew   People of different countries are known by different names. For example, the people of Japan are called Japanese; people from India are called Indians, and so on. In this respect, the people of Israel seem to have many different options as the outside world uses the words Israelites, Jews, and also […]

Difference Between Arabs and Jews

Arabs vs Jews   The differences between the Arabs and the Jews have existed since time immemorial and led to wars and skirmishes between the two ethnic groups. Despite the fact that both the Arabs as well as the Jews are people of Semitic origin, they have been at loggerheads, and the Arab Israeli conflict […]

Difference Between Mapai and Mapam

Mapai vs Mapam Mapai and Mapam were actually political parties in the country of Israel. They have been the well-known parties in the country for years, just like the Democratics and the Republicans in the US. Aside from having only a single letter difference in their names Mapai and Mapam were the parties who worked […]