Difference Between FHA and VA Loan

FHA vs VA Loan FHA loan and VA loan are two types of home loan available in U.S. If you are a home loan borrower, there are many options available to you apart from conventional loans which are becoming increasingly difficult to obtain these days because of rigid requirements of lenders and also because of […]

Difference Between SSI and SSDI

SSI vs SSDI Because not a lot of people really have a good understanding about the difference between SSI and SSDI, it is common to hear people using the terms interchangeably. To avoid misunderstanding, it is best to know and understand everything about these federal programs in the country. SSI or Supplementary Security Income is […]

Difference Between 403b and 457

403b vs 457 There are many retirement plans in U.S., and while majority of the population is aware of 401k, there are also 403b and 457, which are similar to 401k. While 401k is available to all private sector employees, 403b is available to non profit employees, and 457 is applicable to government employees. There […]

Difference Between 403b and IRA

403b vs IRA Both 403b and IRA are targeted towards retirement planning. While Individual Retirement Account, or IRA, as it is generally known, is available for all to save for future, 403b, which gets its name from being listed in section 403(b) of US tax code is for specific categories of people mentioned 403(b). 403b […]

Difference Between 401K and Pension

401K vs Pension It is very important to save for the future; at the same time it is also very important to choose the retirement plan wisely so as to get the best benefit. There are many retirement plans that are popular in U.S., but here we would concentrate upon pension plan and 401k plan. […]