Difference Between CA and CPA

CA vs CPA CA and CPA are common designations of accountants. People having these certifications belong to the same category of professionals, having the expertise to look after books in a business and to prepare financial statements. A small business can avail the services of a person having knowledge of accounts without having any certification, […]

Difference Between PMP and PMI and CAPM

PMP vs PMI vs CAPM PMP and CAPM are certifications offered by PMI. The world has become very competitive and demands specialization from professionals to save on time and money. Companies prefer to hire professionals with certifications to ensure that their projects are completed in time. In such a scenario it is imperative to obtain […]

Difference Between AAMA and AMT

AAMA vs AMT AAMA and AMT are two certification bodies in the medical field. In the field of health care, there are many career options. One of these is of medical assistants. These are workers who provide help and assistance to doctors and perform various administrative and clinical tasks. These assistants also have the responsibility […]