Difference Between Ayurvedic and Herbal Treatment

Ayurvedic vs Herbal Treatment Ayurvedic treatment and Herbal treatment are two types of treatment used in the cure of various diseases. ¬†Ayurvedic treatment involves various methods such as palliative treatment, purification treatment, fasting, urine therapy, rasaayana therapy, fish therapy and the like, whereas¬†herbal treatment involves home remedies and natural treatments. Home remedies made at home […]

Difference Between Ghanvati and Tablet in Ayurveda

Ghanvati vs Tablet in Ayurveda Ghanvati is a small pea sized medicinal preparation in Ayruveda. An Ayurvedic tablet on the other hand is akin to a tablet in allopathic medicine in shape and size. Example of ghanvati is the tulsi ghanvati made into small pea sized preparations made from tulsi leaves. Tulsi is a well […]