Difference Between Adieu and Au Revoir

Adieu vs Au Revoir   Au Revoir and Adieu are French words that are used to bid farewell. Both are commonly used to make it confusing for the students of French language to choose either of the two in a particular context. In a sense, both relate with Good Bye in English. However, there is […]

Difference Between Savoir and Connaitre

Savoir vs Connaitre   Knowing or to know is something that can be expressed in French with the help of two verbs savoir and connataire. This is something that can be very confusing for those trying to learn French as they do not know the contexts in which one of the two French verbs has […]

Difference Between Imparfait and Passe Compose

Difference Between Imparfait and Passe Compose

Imparfait vs Passe Compose   For a French learner, understanding the difference between imparfait and pass√© compos√© can be very tricky. All of you who learning French must have gone through this experience. If French is not your native language and you are trying to learn it, you would find many dissimilarities in grammar with […]