Difference Between Mein and Meine

Mein vs Meine   If you have read or heard about the autobiography Mein Kampf, you probably know that Mein in German means my. As the title of the book suggests, Mein Kampf translates into My Battle in English. There are, however, other words used for same pronoun ‘My’ such as Meine, meinen, meines, etc. […]

Difference Between Kein and Keine

Kein vs Keine   There are many different words to negate or to say no in German language. This is confusing for students of German as they find it easier in English. In particular, the difference between Kein and Keine for negation is troublesome for students. This article attempts to remove this confusion by highlighting […]

Difference Between Kein and Nicht

Kein vs Nicht   Learning German can be a difficult task for English speaking people. Even if you know that Nein is the word that is used to say no in German, you might be puzzled to see an adverb Nicht and an adjective Kein being used in German, to express negation. People remain confused […]

Difference Between Kennen and Wissen

Kennen vs Wissen   What do you do when you find people using two different verbs for the same action in a language? Yes, this is what happens when students are learning grammar to master German language. Kennen and Wissen are two verbs that are used to express the same act of knowing or to […]