Difference Between Estoy, Soy, Estar and Ser

Estoy vs Soy vs Estar vs Ser   Spanish is a very popular European language that is spoken in many parts of America. It is also very interesting to learn but, for those who have an English background, there is a lot of confusion as the language contains two or more words for the same […]

Difference Between Sino and Pero

Sino vs Pero   In Spanish, there are lots of conjunctions like other languages to establish the link between clauses and also to tell the relationship between two objects. Sino and Pero are two words in Spanish language that are used for the same English conjunction ‘but’. When translating English into Spanish, translators face the […]

Difference Between Latin and Spanish

Latin vs Spanish   Latin is a very old language, a language of the Romans. It is also referred to as the progenitor of the romance languages of which Spanish is one. The other romance languages are Portuguese, French, Italian, and Romanian. Though Latin is today considered a dead language, mostly limited to studies in […]

Difference Between Haber and Tener

Haber vs Tener   Haber and Tener happen to be one of the most confusing verb pairs for all those who are trying to learn Spanish. While both verb forms express the same meaning of ‘to have’ or ‘to possess’, students often remain confused as to which of the either has to be used in […]

Difference Between Estar and Ser

Estar vs Ser   Everyone seems to love Spanish. As a language freely taught in America, Spanish has become one of the most studied languages. Spanish seems to have a very sweet and surrendering tone which entices many people to study and master it. Like all other languages, if one does not get accustomed to […]