Difference Between Toms and Bobs

Toms vs Bobs   Toms and Bobs are two different brands of shoes. Skechers is the company that makes Bobs. The two shoes look quite similar to each other confusing many people. There are even people who feel that they are rip-offs of one another as they cannot find a difference between the two brands […]

Difference Between Sneakers and Shoes

Sneakers vs Shoes   Shoes are one of the most common accessories used by human beings. They are used by people of all ages and both sexes. In fact, an individual wears them all his life right from the time he learns to walk on earth. There is another term sneaker that confuses many as […]

Difference Between Pumps and Platform


Pumps vs Platform   The world of footwear is an interesting one. Though men wear shoes as much as women do, there are more styles and designs of footwear for women than men. Women are also more excited about stylish footwear and have many pairs in their wardrobe to match with their different styles of […]

Difference Between Loafers and Moccasins

Loafers vs Moccasins   There are many different types of shoes for men and women. While the ones worn in offices and on formal occasions are mostly made of leather and have laces to tie them up, there is a huge variety of shoes under the category of slip on shoes. Two such slip on […]

Difference Between Heels and Stilettos

Heels vs Stilettos   Heel is the word used for the back of the foot of a human being. But it is also used for the back part of the shoes or any other footwear worn by people, particularly women. The world of women’s accessories becomes colorful and exciting with footwear having different kinds of […]

Difference Between Boot and Shoe

Boot vs Shoe

Boot vs Shoe   Difference between boot and shoe mainly comes from the appearance. Mankind has been using footwear for protection of feet and also for comfort all day long while working or performing many other activities. However, shoes have traditionally been used by ladies as an item to make them look more attractive besides […]

Difference Between Guys and Girls Converse

Guys vs Girls Converse Guys and girls converse are designer brands of footwear. These foot wears are obviously worn on the feet as protection and accessory. In terms of quality, Converse (American company) has been in the business since 20th century. The company is well known in producing high quality shoes. Guy’s Converse Whatever occasion […]