Difference Between Blending and Juicing  

Difference Between Blending and Juicing

Key Difference – Blending vs Juicing   Blending and juicing are two methods that are used to transform solid food such into liquid forms. Although many people assume that these two processes are the same, there is a major difference between blending and juicing. Juicing involves extracting the juice (liquid part) from fruits and vegetables. […]

Difference Between Blanching and Parboiling

Difference Between blanching and parboiling-paraboiling

Key Difference – Blanching vs Parboiling   The terms blanching and parboiling are frequently used interchangeably although there lies a difference between them. The key difference between blanching and parboiling is that blanching denotes the method of rapidly dipping a food item into boiling water and then rapidly chilling it by dropping it into ice water. […]

Difference Between Thai and Chinese Food

Thai vs Chinese Food   To a westerner, differentiating between Thai and Chinese food is as difficult as finding differences between people of Thai and Chinese origins. Of course, there are similarities between the two cuisines that are only natural to be there considering the proximity of the two Asian countries. China is such a […]

Difference Between Saute and Fry

Saute vs Fry   Sauteing and frying are two similar cooking methods that make use of heating food items with dry heat. The similarities are obvious with food items being heated in a pan containing some kind of cooking oil over direct flame. However, there are differences between sauté and frying that are known to […]

Difference Between Simmer and Boil

Simmer vs Boil   Simmer and boil are two cooking methods that are very similar in nature which is why most people remain confused between them. Many recipes ask for boiling the hot liquids while there are some that require simmering and not boiling. There is no mystery behind these cooking techniques as both require […]

Difference Between Roast and Steak

Roast vs Steak   No man should be allowed to be the President who does not understand hogs. This is what the 33rd President of US, Henry S. Truman said. This is enough to reflect the importance of pork in the country. There is also beef that is equally loved by the people. Roast and […]

Difference Between Poaching and Boiling

Poaching vs Boiling   Poaching and boiling are very similar methods of cooking food items that require providing wet heat to the item to be cooked. Mostly water is the medium of heat, but poaching and boiling can also be done in milk or wine. Despite similarities, there are subtle differences of temperature and time […]