Difference Between Gelatin and Jello

Difference Between Gelatin and Jello

Key Difference – Gelatin vs Jello   Gelatin is a colorless and tasteless water-soluble protein prepared from collagen. Gelatin is used to prepare a variety of food products such as gelatine desserts, gummy candy, trifles, and marshmallow. Jello is an American brand name for a gelatin dessert, which is colloquially used to refer to all […]

Difference Between Bavarian Cream and Boston Cream

Difference Between Bavarian Cream and Boston Cream

Bavarian Cream vs Boston Cream   Difference between Bavarian cream and Boston cream is very subtle thus confusing as the world of pastries and desserts is indeed a vast one. When it comes to making pastries and desserts, not only there are various methods of preparing each and every dish, there also exists a variety […]

Difference Between Baked and Unbaked Cheesecake

Baked vs Unbaked Cheesecake   Cheesecake, a favourite sweet treat among many, is perhaps one of the most popular desserts in the world. Consisting of one or more layers, the mixture of the cheesecake consists of eggs, sugar and soft cheese. Almost all cheesecakes in the world are made with cream cheese while, in Italy, Ricotta […]

Difference Between Red Velvet and Chocolate Cake

Red Velvet vs Chocolate Cake   Red velvet is the name of a cake that is reddish and sometimes reddish brown in color and hence resembles a lot with chocolate cake confusing people. Red velvet cake can also be vanilla flavored though looking like a chocolate cake. This article takes a close look at this […]

Difference Between Custard and Pudding and Mousse

Custard vs Pudding vs Mousse   Pudding, custard, and mousse are dairy based creamy dishes that are served as desserts. All three are yummy in taste and have many similarities to confuse those who are not connoisseurs. There are millions who use the wrong words hen taking about these recipes. This article takes a closer […]

Difference Between Flaky, Puff and Filo Pastry

Flaky, Puff vs Filo Pastry   Pastry is perhaps one of the most popular baked items around the world. The most common ingredients of the dough that is used to make pastries are flour, butter, eggs, cream, and milk. Baking powder is also used to prepare pastries. Tarts, quiches, and pies are very popular names […]