Difference Between Axe and Hatchet

Axe vs Hatchet   Both axe and hatchet are tools or implements used since old times by mankind for cutting, splitting, and shaping of wood. Both look similar and serve similar purposes. However, axe and hatchet are different tools, as otherwise why would there be two different names for the same tool. This article attempts […]

Difference Between Ballpoint and Rollerball

Ballpoint vs Rollerball

Ballpoint vs Rollerball   The difference between ballpoint and rollerball is mainly in the ink each pen uses. Ballpoint and Rollerball are two very popular varieties of pens used in all parts of the world. In fact, the two of them are dominating the world of articles being used for writing on paper in such […]

Difference Between Bolt and Screw

Bolt vs Screw Bolts and screws are so commonly used items in our lives that we hardly pay any attention to them while benefitting a lot from these seemingly innocuous looking devices. All our furniture, our bikes (including our motor cycles), cars, air conditioners, computers, remote controls, and even the bathroom cabinet that has a […]

Difference Between Knife and Dagger

Knife vs Dagger

Knife vs Dagger   The difference between knife and dagger is mostly in the purpose for which they are used. What is that comes to your mind when someone mentions dagger, or you read the word somewhere? Is it treachery or cowardice or the act of killing someone stealthily? Irrespective of the fact that daggers […]