Difference Between Culture and Subculture

Difference Between Culture and Subculture

Key Difference – Culture vs Subculture   Although the two share many similarities, there is a clear difference between culture and subculture. In every society, there exists a culture. Culture can be defined as the ways of life of the people in a particular society. It is through the culture that people learn of the […]

Difference Between First and Second Industrial Revolution

difference between 1st industrial revolution and second- second

Key Difference – First vs. Second Industrial Revolution   The key difference between first and second industrial revolution is that the first industrial revolution was centered on Textiles, steam power, and iron while the second was centered on steel, railroads, petroleum, chemicals and electricity. First and second industrial revolutions can be considered as the turning […]

Difference Between Ancestry and Heritage

difference between ancestry and heritage

Key Difference – Ancestry vs Heritage   Ancestry can simply be defined as the decent or the lineage of a person. All  beings on this earth have their own ancestry. When we trace back the history, we can think of our ancestors who are great grandparents, and we are descendants of their ancestry. On the […]

Difference Between Self Respect and Self Esteem

Difference Between Self Respect and Self-Esteem

Key Difference – Self Respect vs Self Esteem    Self-respect and self-esteem are not the same, between these two concepts exists a vast difference. In order to comprehend the difference between the two words, first we should define them. Self-respect refers to the regard that an individual has for himself. It is this respect that […]

Difference Between Social and Cultural Factors

Difference Between Social and Cultural Factors

Key Difference – Social vs Cultural Factors    Although both Social and Cultural factors are deeply related, there is a clear difference between the two sets. When paying attention to various social phenomena, one cannot ignore the influence of social and cultural factors that shape, change, and develop the phenomenon. We cannot distinguish as to which […]

Difference Between Folklore and Folktale

Folklore vs Folktale

Key Difference – Folklore vs Folktale   In every culture, folklore and folktales play a significant role. Both are passed down from one generation to the other through word of mouth. The key difference between folklore and folktale is that the folklore refers to the traditional beliefs and stories of a community. This usually encompasses a […]

Difference Between Caste and Race

Difference Between Caste and Race

Key Difference – Caste vs Race   Race and caste are prevalent in many human societies and the difference between race and caste has its basis on the way each categorizes people in a society. The key difference between race and caste is that the race is a way of differentiating people based on physical […]

Difference Between Social Stratification and Social Differentiation

Difference Between Social Stratification and Social Differentiation

Social Stratification vs Social Differentiation   The difference between social stratification and social differentiation is subtle as they both are closely related terms. When speaking of the society, and also in the discipline of sociology, you may have heard of the terms, social stratification and social differentiation. In the society, people are categorized based on […]

Difference Between Naive and Gullible

Naive vs Gullible

Naive vs Gullible   Although the words gullible and naive sound very much similar and are used interchangeably by most people, there is a slight difference between these two words. First, let us pay attention to the definitions of the two words. Naive is when an individual lacks the experience or judgment. For example, a […]

Difference Between Childish and Childlike

Childish vs Childlike

Childish vs Childlike   Although the words childish and childlike appear similar to one another, these two words show a difference between them as they have completely different meanings. Being childish is when a grown up displays silly and immature behavior. For example, when a person displays irrational fears for his age, we often say […]