Difference Between Almond Paste and Marzipan

Almond Paste vs Marzipan   The paste of almonds is very popular among various cuisines of the world because of its flavor and taste. It is used commonly as a filing in pastries, pies, and cakes. There is another product used frequently in confectionaries called marzipan that has many similarities with almond paste. In fact, […]

Difference Between Cognac and Whiskey

Cognac vs Whiskey   Whiskey and cognac are alcoholic beverages consumed by millions of people around the world. Both are aged beverages and very smooth to consume. However, there similarities end here and differences begin. There are people who remain confused between cognac and whiskey as both are fermented alcoholic drinks. However, there are many […]

Difference Between Leek and Spring Onion

Leek vs Spring Onion   Most of us love the aroma and flavor of onions but do not like its pungent nature that often makes people cry when fresh onions are being peeled or cut inside the kitchen. There are many different varieties of onions that belong to the genus allium. One of these varieties […]

Difference Between Lemonade and Pink Lemonade

Lemonade vs Pink Lemonade   Lemonade is one of the first beverage or drink that comes to one’s mind when he is feeling thirsty and also tired. Invented in France in the 16th century, the drink made by adding sugar and water to lemon juice is very popular across the world. It is also a […]

Difference Between Lager and Draught

Lager vs Draught   Lager and draught are words that are associated with beer, the most popular and highly consumed alcoholic beverage around the world. While lager is a type of beer, the other being ale, draught beer is not a type of beer as many people think. There are people who think that draught […]

Difference Between Lager and Pilsner

Lager vs Pilsner   Beer is one alcoholic beverage that is consumed in large quantities in most countries of the world. Not surprisingly, it ranks third in terms of popularity among all beverages. Beer is made through a process called brewing. All beers can be classified as either ale or lager depending upon their brewing […]

Difference Between Kosher Salt and Pickling Salt

Kosher Salt vs Pickling Salt   Most of us know about kosher salt that is developed to help followers of Jewish faith butcher meats according to the provisions of their dietary laws. It is a coarse salt that is light and flavorful and is used all over the country. There is another salt called pickling […]

Difference Between Kosher Salt and Coarse Salt

Kosher Salt vs Coarse Salt   One thing that people ensure in their meals even before taking a bite is the presence of salt in right quantities. Salt is one spice that has been used by mankind to flavor their meals since time immemorial. However, one variety that straight away comes across our minds is […]