Difference Between Lustre and Metallic

Lustre vs Metallic   Lustre and metallic are finishes of photo prints that are very different from each other. While preserving memories, people like to order their prints in either Lustre or metallic finishes depending upon their liking. Though matte and glossy are the terms more common when talking about photo finishes, lustre and metallic […]

Difference Between Photography and Digital Photography

Photography vs Digital Photography The word “photography” is derived from the Greek words phōs which means light, and gráphein which means writing, hence, photography means writing or painting with light. In the modern day, photography is the art of taking photos using cameras. There are many variations of cameras. Cameras can be classified based upon […]

Difference Between Landscape and Portrait

Landscape vs Portrait Landscape and portrait are concepts that are of vital importance in photography, and confuse amateur photographers when they are taking photos from their cameras. Those who are professionals or are seasoned in this field know when to take a landscape or when to go for a portrait to capture a beautiful photograph. […]

Difference Between Umbrella and Softbox

Umbrella vs Softbox | Umbrella vs Softbox Light Modifiers If you are a photographer and do not wish to remain confined to natural lighting, you may need light modifiers when you are shooting inside. Two of the most common light modifiers used when taking portraits of a model are Umbrella and Softbox . Anyone can see […]

Difference Between Zoom and Telephoto

Zoom vs Telephoto Modern cameras are wonderful in the sense that they allow users to capture images of far off or distant objects such as a bird perched atop a branch of a tree or far away mountains. Photographer can magnify the image of the object he wishes to capture using lenses depending upon his […]

Difference Between Matte Finish and Glossy Finish

Matte Finish vs Glossy Finish Matt finish and glossy finish are the finish prints that you see in your photos. These two are commonly used when people want nice finishes on these pictures. They look like an art and exquisite in every finish print. Matte Finish Matte finish is a photo finish that is not […]

Difference Between Aperture and Shutter Speed

Aperture vs Shutter Speed Aperture and Shutter Speed are two terms that are always referred when talking of photography, these are two out of the many things that can affect the quality of your photos. Aperture and Shutter Speed are two terms that are often misunderstood and used almost interchangeably. However, they are different and […]