Difference Between Covert and Clandestine

Difference Between Covert and Clandestine

Key Difference – Covert vs Clandestine    Covert and clandestine are two types of operations that are very confusing to most people although there is a significant difference between a covert operation and a clandestine operation. These types of operations can be conducted in the military, intelligence or law enforcement by a particular state or organization. […]

Difference Between Civil War and World War

Difference Between Civil War and World War

Civil War vs World War   Basically, the difference between civil war and world war is the boundary within which the war takes place. That is, if we define civil war and world war in simpler terms, we can say that civil war is a war within a country, in between two states, or two […]

Difference Between Musket and Rifle

Musket vs Rifle   Musket and rifle are the names of two different types of firearms that confuse people because of their similarities. Muskets were used earlier than rifles and were slowly replaced by rifles as rifles could shoot more accurately. There are many more differences between a musket and a rifle that will be […]

Difference Between Trebuchet and Catapult

Trebuchet vs Catapult   Long before the development of modern artillery, bow and arrow were the only items of weaponry used, in addition to hand held knives and spears. Bow and arrow gave mankind the idea to develop a device such as catapult to throw weapons at the enemy. There is another device called trebuchet […]

Difference Between Tachi and Katana

Tachi vs Katana   Tachi and Katana are names of two of the most popular Japanese swords. There are many similarities in these two long swords that were used in feudal Japan by fighters to defend themselves and also to defeat the enemies. The images of these two swords confuse people as they appear to […]

Difference Between Slug and Buckshot

Slug vs Buckshot   Slug and buckshot are the names used for shots used inside shotgun. Because of a very large caliber, shotguns can make use of a variety of ammunition of which buckshot and slug are most commonly used. Many people remain confused between slug and buckshot. Both are used to have a huge […]

Difference Between Single Action and Double Action

Single Action vs Double Action   Single action and double action are terms used for the mechanisms behind the trigger of a firearm. In all firearms, trigger consists of a lever that has to be pulled using one’s index finger while taking aim at the target. These triggers initiate the action that terminates with the […]

Difference Between Gun and Pistol and Handgun

Gun vs Pistol vs Handgun   There has been a lot of discussion on talk shows and even inside the parliament about the need for stricter gun control laws in view of increasing violence with the help of these firearms like guns and pistols. This brings us to the question posed by the title of […]