Difference Between Convention and Declaration

Difference Between Convention and Declaration

Convention vs Declaration   Convention and declaration, though the two words are confused to be the same by some people, are two different words having a clear difference between their meanings. When paying attention to the world arena, in the study of international relations, the two terms convention and declaration are widely used. This is […]

Difference Between Hard Power and Soft Power

Difference Between Hard Power and Soft Power

Hard Power vs Soft Power   Difference between Hard Power and Soft Power is, as the name implies, in the form of power that a country uses in dealing with other nations. The terms Hard Power and Soft Power represent two important concepts in the field of International Relations, more specifically, in the political relations between […]

Difference Between Foreign Policy and Diplomacy

Difference Between Foreign Policy and Diplomacy

Foreign Policy vs Diplomacy   In the field of foreign affairs, foreign policy and diplomacy are both important topics and knowing the difference between them is very important. States cannot exist in idleness without the assistance of other states for its survival as well as development especially in such a globalized arena. Due to this […]

Difference Between Treaty and Convention

Treaty vs Convention   Treaty is a term that refers to pacts or agreements between countries or nation states of the world on different issues. The history of treaties is as old as human civilization as kingdoms and empires fought with each other on petty issues and often signed pacts with each other that have […]

Difference Between Consulate and Embassy

Consulate vs Embassy   Consulates and embassies are permanent diplomatic missions that countries establish in cities of other countries, mostly in capital cities of the world. Many people cannot differentiate between a consulate and an embassy as both serve similar purposes and functions. However, despite overlapping, there are differences between a consulate and an embassy […]

Difference Between Ambassador and High Commissioner

Ambassador vs High Commissioner Those belonging to one of more than 50 commonwealth countries are aware of the terms High Commissioner and Ambassador, though very few understand the reason behind the use of dual titles for highest ranking official of one country in another country. For example, if you take India, it’s being a commonwealth […]

Difference Between IMF and WTO

IMF vs WTO It was during the 2nd World War that many countries of the world convened a conference in US in 1944 to discuss and set up a framework for economic cooperation and development of the member countries. International Monetary Fund (IMF) and World Bank (WB) were the intergovernmental organizations that came into existence […]

Difference Between UN and WTO

UN vs WTO WTO stands for World Trade Organization and is a successor body to GATT that was founded in 1995 in the Uruguay round of talks as the members failed to agree on setting up ITO to facilitate world trade. WTO is currently trying to work out negotiations between participating countries through Doha round […]

Difference Between GATT and WTO


GATT vs WTO   There are many who get confused between the now defunct GATT and WTO and fail to identify the key difference. GATT stands for General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade. This created in 1948 was replaced by WTO or else the World Trade Organization. When paying attention to the various practices, structures, […]