Difference Between Cave and Cavern

Difference Between Cave and Cavern

Key Difference – Cave vs Cavern   Caves and caverns are natural chambers that are found on the earth. Caves can be defined as openings in the earth or in the side of hills or cliffs. Caverns are a type of caves that are naturally formed in soluble rock with the ability to grow speleothems. […]

Difference Between Intrusive and Extrusive Rocks

Difference Between Intrusive and Extrusive Rocks

Intrusive vs Extrusive Rocks   The key difference between intrusive and extrusive rocks is that the intrusive rocks are formed from magma whereas the extrusive rocks are formed from lava. Before discussing further differences between both rocks, let us see what is a rock and what are intrusive rocks and extrusive rocks. Most of the earth’s surface is […]

Difference Between Tides and Currents

Tide vs Current    For those who go to beaches to swim or to indulge in surfing, waves in the ocean near the coastline may be fun, but the same waves can be devastating and cause much damage to life and property at times. It is therefore in the interest of everyone going near the […]

Difference Between Twister and Tornado

Twister vs Tornado   Tornados are rotating columns of air that are very devastating. These are violent columns of air as they uproot structures in their wake and cause loss of life and property. The winds in this weather system can obtain speeds in excess of hundred miles per hour to cause heavy damage at […]

Difference Between Continental Drift and Plate Tectonics

Continental Drift

Continental Drift vs Plate Tectonics   Continental drift and plate tectonics are two theories explaining the geological evolution of the earth, specifically its crust. Continental Drift Continental drift is a theory first presented by Abraham Ortelius (Abraham Ortels) in 1596. The concept was independently developed by German geologist Alfred Wegener in 1912. The theory states […]

Difference Between Rain and Drizzle

Rain vs Drizzle   What is it that comes to your mind when someone says rain? Mostly it is the image of heavy precipitation where it rains steadily. But when you hear the word drizzle, you know instantly that it is not raining heavily, and it is only a mist. However, the difference between rain […]

Difference Between Sunrise and Sunset

Sunrise vs Sunset   Sunrise and sunset are daily events but very beautiful and mesmerizing to observe from a vantage point. When you see the sunrise and sunset in photographs, it is often difficult to tell which is which because of the similarities in the colors of the sky at these times. However, there are […]