Difference Between Twister and Tornado

Twister vs Tornado   Tornados are rotating columns of air that are very devastating. These are violent columns of air as they uproot structures in their wake and cause loss of life and property. The winds in this weather system can obtain speeds in excess of hundred miles per hour to cause heavy damage at […]

Difference Between Rain and Drizzle

Rain vs Drizzle   What is it that comes to your mind when someone says rain? Mostly it is the image of heavy precipitation where it rains steadily. But when you hear the word drizzle, you know instantly that it is not raining heavily, and it is only a mist. However, the difference between rain […]

Difference Between Sleet and Snow

Sleet vs Snow   Precipitation can take many different forms in countries with a cold climate and not only as rainfall. In such places, one has to remain prepared for foul weather with precipitation in different forms such as sleet, hailstorm, snow, hail having different properties. People remain especially confused between sleet and snow as […]