Difference Between Ripped and Buff

Ripped vs Buff   There are many terms that are used by bodybuilders and those who are around when talking about different body builds. If you have been to a gym recently, you must have heard terms like ripped, buff, huge, skinny, lean, bulk, and so on. There are people who remain confused between ripped […]

Difference Between Deadlift and Romanian Deadlift

Romanian Deadlift vs Deadlift   Deadlift is one of the most popular bodybuilding exercises done with the help of weights. A barbell is lifted off the ground up to the level of stretched hands in a standing position. This weight lifting exercise is believed to be a great exercise for strengthening different muscle groups of the […]

Difference between Spinning and Cycling

Spinning vs Cycling   People around the country have become very health conscious these days. They resort to exercising in many different forms, to keep themselves fit. Cycling is a very common and popular way to get cardio vascular workout along with strengthening of lower body muscles. Cycling can be done both outdoors as well […]

Difference Between Reps and Sets

Reps vs Sets   One complete motion of an exercise is called a rep (repetitions) while several such reps make up a set. Reps and Sets are not regular English words but rather terms that are heard more commonly in gymnasiums and among health conscious people talking about their exercise routines. These words hold great […]

Difference Between Pull Ups and Chin Ups

Pull Up

Pull Ups vs Chin Ups   Pull ups and chin ups are considered very effective exercises for building up of strength and muscles in the back and the biceps of an individual. Any intelligent coach will keep these two pulling exercises on top of his workout plan if he is asked to suggest exercises for […]

Difference Between Military Press and Overhead Press

Military Press vs Overhead Press   There are many different exercises done with the help of weights to remain in shape. Military press is a weight exercise done using barbell or dumbbells and is considered a true reflection of one’s strength and hence its name. There is another weight lifting exercise called overhead press that […]

Difference Between Military and Shoulder Press

Military vs Shoulder Press   Whether you are a budding bodybuilder or just a fitness freak, you must have heard a lot about shoulder press. It is a basic weight training workout that requires one to hold a barbell and take it overhead in such a manner that the arms are stretched all the way […]

Difference Between Front and Back Squat

Front vs Back Squat   In weightlifting that is done to build muscles and strength in the body, there are two different weightlifting positions known as front squats and back squats. Both these forms of weightlifting exercises are designed to develop muscles of thighs, buttocks, hips and also to strengthen ligaments and tendons in legs. […]

Difference Between Hiking and Walking

Hiking vs Walking   Walking is one activity that is known to all of us as it is the only form of locomotion that we use to move around. It is different from running in the sense that it is relaxed and does not require us to put in any special effort to move from […]

Difference Between Exercise and Fitness

Exercise vs Fitness   Human beings have bodies that have been designed for movements. If one tries to find reasons for so many different types of diseases having plagued the mankind, he finds that the root cause of most of these diseases is the lack of exercise and a fast lifestyle that is taking most […]