Difference Between Wireless G Routers and N Routers

Wireless g Routers vs n Routers Wireless G routers and N routers are two standards for wireless equipments. There has been significant advancement in wireless technology and it has proved to be quite beneficial for those people who require mobility. They are able to access the network easily and now they do not have to […]

Difference Between RJ11 and RJ14 and RJ25 and RJ12 in Structured Cabling

RJ11 vs RJ14 vs RJ25 vs RJ12 in Structured Cabling RJ 11 and RJ12 are two different standards in structured cabling. RJ11 is 6P4C type of wiring and RJ12 is 6P6C wiring standard. RJ is acronym to Registered Jack. RJ family has lots of standards like RJ9, RJ11, RJ12, RJ13, RJ14, RJ45, RJ48, RJ15, RJ61, […]

Difference Between Naked DSL (ADSL2+) and ADSL2+

Naked DSL (ADSL2+) vs ADSL2+ Naked DSL or ADSL2+ and ADSL2+ are broadband access technologies that are used to deliver high speed internet access. Naked ADSL2+ will not come with a PSTN whereas ADSL2+ comes with a PSTN line. So in ADSL2+ you need to pay for additional line rental on top of the internet […]

Difference Between ADSL2 and ADSL2+ (ADSL2 Plus)

ADSL2 vs ADSL2+ (ADSL2 Plus) ADSL (Asymmetric Digital Subscriber Line) is a fixed line broadband technology, it is a form of DSL. ADSL offers high speed access over the same existing copper network in parallel with telephone line. Asymmetric means the download bandwidth and upload bandwidth are not the same in ADSL. It was designed […]

Difference Between LTE and WiMAX

LTE vs WiMAX LTE (3GPP Long Term Evolution) and WiMAX (Wireless Interoperability for Microwave Access) are high speed 4G wireless technologies. 3G growth ends at HSPA+ and mobile operators started deploying 4G networks to offer more bandwidth to mobile handsets. These 4G technologies give virtual LAN reality to mobile handsets and to feel the real […]

Difference Between WiMAX and Wifi

WiMAX vs Wifi WiMAX and Wi-Fi are both wireless technologies but Wi-Fi can only be operated in short ranges (Max 250 m) and WiMAX could be operated in long ranges (around 30 Km). WiMAX has fixed and mobile version which could be used for several applications with higher bandwidth (around 40 Mbps). Like DSL or […]

Difference Between 4G and Wifi

4G vs Wifi 4G and Wi-Fi are both mobile wireless access technologies operating in different frequencies and in different access ranges. Wi-Fi was in use for some time now while 4G is evolving now and being deployed in some counties in Europe and in America. Wi-Fi can work up to 250 metres only and 4G […]

Difference Between 3G and Wifi (IEEE 802.11)

3G vs Wifi (IEEE 802.11) 3G and Wi-Fi (Wireless Fidelity) are both wireless access technologies operate in different frequencies and access ranges. Wi-Fi only can go up to 250 metres and 3G coverage could go beyond Kilometres. Basically Wi-Fi is a personal wireless LAN used in short range with low setup fees whereas 3G is […]

Difference Between 3G and 4G

3G vs 4G | Speed, Frequencies and Features Compared | Battery Life is less in 4G 3G and 4G both are mobile wireless access technologies and 3G is widely used now and 4G is evolving and being deployed in some counties in Europe and in America. 3G (Third Generation Networks) 3G is a wireless access […]