Difference Between Microsoft Skype and Skype

Microsoft Skype vs Skype | MS Skype New Integrated Features Microsoft acquired Skype in early May 2011 and Skype has become one business division of Microsoft. Skype is a software application for real time voice, video and IM services. People were using traditional PSTN lines for voice communication for long time. Introduction of VoIP (Voice […]

Difference Between VoIP and SIP

VoIP vs SIP | SIP Signalling and VoIP Technology VoIP and SIP are related terms in context of Voice over IP. VoIP is Voice over Internet Protocol and SIP is Session Initiation Protocol. SIP is one of the signalling protocols used in voice over IP. H323 is another Signalling protocol does similar function as SIP. […]

Difference Between Viper and Skype

Viper vs Skype Viber and skype are VoIP applications used in mobile Internet calling.Viber and Skype are free between users where viber can only be installed in mobiles but skype can be installed in PCs, Laptops, Notebooks, Smartphones, Skype Phones, Mobile handsets and in mostly other desktop devices. Read more: http://www.differencebetween.com/difference-between-viber-and-skype/

Difference Between CISCO Mobile and CISCO Jabber and CISCO WebEX

CISCO Mobile vs CISCO Jabber vs CISCO WebEX CISCO Mobile,CISCO Jabber and CISCO WebEX are CISCO unified mobile communication applications for Apple, Android and other smart devices. Basically CISCO unified communication mobile applications turn your mobile device as full featured CISCO IP phone. CISCO Mobile, CISCO Jabber and CISCO WebEx applications are Voice over IP […]

Difference Between AIM and MSN

AIM vs MSN AIM and MSN are instant messaging programs used by people who want to talk and keep in touch with another from a different location in real time. These instant messaging technologies have geared up over the years to compete in the constantly evolving world of the internet wherein applications with most appeal, […]

Difference Between Viber and Tango

Viber vs Tango Viber and Tango are VoIP applications that are used to make free calls among users via Internet from smart phones. Viber is available only for iPhones at the moment but Tango is available for iPhones as well as android phones. Viber is only having voice call and Tango supports voice as well […]

Difference Between SIP and XMPP (Jabber)

SIP vs XMPP (Jabber) SIP and XMPP are application layer protocols mostly used to send voice or IM over Internet. SIP is defined by RFC 3621 and XMPP is defined in RFC 3920. Basically XMPP is evolved from IM and Presence, whereas SIP evolved from Voice and Video over IP. XMPP added an extension called […]

Difference Between Viber and Vonage Facebook Application (Vonage App)

Viber vs Vonage Facebook Application (Vonage App) Viber and Vonage Facebook App are VoIP applications for smart phones or tablets which uses Apple iOS or Android OS. Viber and Vonage Facebook App give free calling among users who have the same app installed on their devices. Viber offers easy registration with mobile number and Vonage […]

Difference Between R-Factor and MOS Score in VoIP Quality

R-Factor vs MOS Score in VoIP Quality R-Factor and MOS code are quality measurement in VoIP. In circuit switching in TDM world a channel will be dedicated for a call until the call releases. But in the IP world packet networks are shared by many users and many applications. Lots of parameters will affect the […]