Difference Between Inspiron and Studio

Inspiron vs Studio Inspiron and Studio are laptops made by Dell, an American company that specializes in computers and information technology. One of the Fortune 500 companies, Dell is a name to reckon within budget computers and laptops. While Inspiron is Dell’s entry level series of laptops, studio is a series that is meant to […]

Difference Between 2.2 and 2.3 and 2.7 MacBook Pro

2.2 vs 2.3 vs 2.7 MacBook Pro What is Processor speed? Processor speed is the speed at which the processor is able to complete a certain amount of cycles per second. Processor speed is measured in Hertz. In simple terms, if the processor speed is 1 hertz that means the processor is able to complete […]

Difference Between MacBook Pro and MacBook Air

MacBook Pro vs MacBook Air The MacBook family is a series of Mac (Macintosh) notebook computers developed by Apple. This was the result of merging their earlier PowerBook series and ibook series. Professional-focused MacBook Pro was released in 2006 as the first product of this series. Little while later, MacBook, which focused the consumer group, […]

Difference Between Chromebook and Laptop

Chromebook vs Laptop Laptop also referred to as a notebook, is a portable personal computer intended for mobile use. Most of the components that you find in an ordinary desktop computer such as keyboard, display, mouse, web camera, etc. are integrated in to a single unit in a laptop, which makes it portable. On the […]

Difference Between Apple MacBook Pro Winter 2011 and iPad 2

Apple MacBook Pro Winter 2011 vs iPad 2 MacBook Pro Winter 2011 and iPad 2 are two amazing mobile computing devices from Apple. While there are many, especially purists, who would frown whenever there is any comparison of a tablet with a laptop, the enhanced capabilities of iPad 2 essentially bring it all the more […]

Difference Between iPad 2 and Laptop

iPad 2 vs Laptop iPad 2 and Laptop are portable computational cum entertainment devices. When Apple launched iPad in January 2010, it promoted it as a cross between an Apple iPhone and iPod Touch with added capabilities of computing making it a tablet PC. Apple did not intend it to be a device to eat into […]