Difference Between SSL and TLS

Difference Between SSL and TLS

TLS vs SSL   There are a number of differences between SSL and TLS as TLS is the successor of SLS, all of which will be discussed in this article. SSL, which refers to Secure Socket Layer, is a protocol used to provide security to connections between a server and a client. This protocol uses security mechanisms such […]

Difference Between Diameter and Radius

Diameter vs Radius   Diameter and Radius (Remote Authentication Dial in User Service) are two protocols used for AAA (Authentication, Authorization, and Accounting) services. The basic operation of both RADIUS and Diameter is similar to each other, since they both carry authentication, authorization, and configuration information between a Network Access Server (NAS) and a shared […]

Difference Between SIP and SCCP

SIP vs SCCP   SIP (Session Initiation Protocol) and SCCP (Skinny Call Control Protocol) are both session control protocols in IP based communication networks. SIP is used for establishing, modifying, and terminating IP based communication sessions with one or more participants whereas SCCP is a Cisco proprietary protocol which is used for communication between Cisco […]

Difference Between SIP and BICC

SIP vs BICC   SIP (Session Initiation Protocol) and BICC (Bearer Independent Call Control) are both session control protocols used in the IP based networks to facilitate both voice and multimedia services. With the evolving technology, these protocols were used to encapsulate ISUP messages when transporting them over large IP based networks. Both these protocols […]

Difference Between SSH1 and SSH2

SSH1 vs SSH2   SSH (Secure Shell) is a protocol which is used to enable security to data communication over the networks. SSH was found by Tatu Ylonen (SSH Communications Security Corporation) in 1995. This protocol provides the infrastructure to secure data transportation, remote command execution and security enabled network services among two computers in […]

Difference Between MAP and Diameter

SS7 protocol

MAP vs Diameter   Mobile Application Part (MAP) and Diameter are both protocols used in different contexts. The Mobile Application Part (MAP) is one of the protocols in the SS7 protocol suite, which allows for the implementation many different mobile network signaling infrastructure whereas, Diameter protocol is responsible of providing an Authentication, Authorization and Accounting […]

Difference Between TCP and IP

TCP vs IP   TCP and IP are the first and the most important two communication protocols in the Internet Protocol Suite (which include all the communications protocols, i.e., set of rules and message formats implement to transfer data between computer systems, used for Internet and other networks). Sometimes the Internet Protocol Suite is referred […]

Difference Between Active FTP and Passive FTP

Active FTP

Active FTP vs Passive FTP   FTP (File Transfer Protocol) is a set of Standard network rules (protocols), concerning the file transfer between two hosting computers over a TCP/IP-based network (a network that uses Transmission Control Protocol/Internet Protocol to deliver a stream of bytes from one computer to another) such as internet. FTP operates based […]

Difference Between EBGP and IBGP

EBGP vs IBGP Both EBGP and IBGP are terms used with the routing protocol BGP. In theoretical terms, the main difference between the two is EBGP runs between two BGP routers in different Autonomous System (AS), however, IBGP runs between two BGP routers in the same AS. Before we discuss the differences between EBGP and […]