Difference Between Slug and Bleed

Slug vs Bleed   If you have anything to do with desktop publishing, you are aware of pasteboard. Pasteboard is an area outside the document area where it is possible to keep items during printing (in fact, there are many items that you might need while designing), though these items are not printed. This necessitates […]

Difference Between Paper Size and GSM (Weight)

Difference Between Paper Size and GSM

Paper Size vs GSM (Weight) | Gram per Square Meter   The difference between paper size and GSM is in the different aspects of a paper that they refer to. In earlier times when standardization of paper sizes and their weight had not been done, it was a nightmare for a person to select the […]

Difference Between A4 and A5 Size Paper

A4 vs A5 Size Paper

A4 vs A5 Size Paper   The difference between A4 and A5 size papers is in their dimensions. In fact, area wise A5 paper is half of A4 paper. May be you have no interest in knowing some exciting facts about international paper sizes as you do not need to make use of different paper […]

Difference Between A4 and A3 Size Paper

A4 vs A3 Size Paper

A4 vs A3 Size Paper   The difference between A4 and A3 size paper is in their dimensions. In fact, if you consider the space available, A3 paper has double the area of A4 paper. Now, before discussing them, have you heard about ISO1 216? It is the International Standard for Paper Sizes that is […]

Difference Between RGB and CMYK


RGB vs CMYK RGB and CMYK are abbreviations that stand for two types of color systems. While RGB consists of red, green and blue colors, CNYK consists of cyan, magenta and yellow colors. The major difference between these two color systems is that while RGB is used to produce various colors of the spectrum on […]

Difference Between Visualization and Image Processing

Visualization vs Image Processing Visualization and image processing are two means of producing images either through signals or from a diagram or sketch. Both would result to an image either printed or through the monitor. Both also have their own uses and applications and it is best to learn the difference between the two. Visualization […]

Difference Between DPI and LPI

DPI vs LPI Dots per inch (DPI) and Lines per inch (LPI) baffles everyone with regard to their function. Even those techno savvy people seem to have a hard time distinguishing the two. These printing resolutions are quite necessary especially to those who are in lithography. DPI DPI is often related to how sharply an […]