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Difference Between 3D LED TV and 3D LED Smart TV

3D LED TV vs 3D LED Smart TV | All Share Wi-Fi Built-in Smart TV with Skype and YouTube

3D LED TV and 3D LED Smart TV are new jargon we hear when we go to buy TV. For generations, TV remained an idiot box just capable of beaming programs in 2D and offered no control other than the ability to surf various channels. But times are changing, and changing fast. First was the revolution of LCD and LED TV’s. Then it was the turn of 3D to enter our homes through 3D TV’s. Today, TV has also become smart by way of allowing the user to surf the web and a host of other features. These smart TV’s have brains unlike the older generation 2D TV’s that ruled the roost for generations.

If one were to compare 3D LED TV with a 3D LED Smart TV, it becomes clear that apart from LED technology and the ability to view the content in 3D, what one gets extra are features that are described through TLA’s (three letter acronyms) such as PVR, DVD, EPG, ATVEF decoder, and of course the internet. These features are what make a simple 3D LED TV smart and intelligent.

EPG stands for electronic program guide that displays TV listings on demand. This means your TV is smart enough to tell you what programs are there on your favorite channel tonight. PVR technology will stun you as you can instantly see the replay of a spectacular scene by the click of a button, or if you missed while you blinked. If you could not hear a dialogue, just press PVR and listen to what you missed and then again to resume where you left. PVR performs yet another function and that is to record your favorite show. After watching the show, you can easily discard and set to record next program. What is great is that PVR is integrated with EPV and with its search engines; your smart TV can bring all the programs that had your favorite actor if you just type his name in the search engine.

It is needless to talk about DVD feature as all smart TV’s have this feature that allows you to play your DVD’s directly through the TV without any DVD player. But it is the ability to surf the net from your TV that holds all the excitement for smart TV buyers. This is one feature that really makes your TV smart. You are no longer dependent upon your local news channels as you can instantly get to hundreds of news channels across the world in an instant. What is great is that there is a picture in picture mode that allows entire family to surf the net at the same time. It is no more fighting to get control as is the case with a PC and its mouse.

The other feature that makes your smart TV truly interactive with the help of an ATVEF decoder. It stands for Advanced Television Enhancement Forum, and makes it possible for a viewer to take part in all the polls and interactive TV shows and products.

Smart TVs also come with Built-in Social Hub consisting Facebook, YouTube, Picasa Photo Share, Skype and lot more vendor application sets. It has DLNA digital home connectivity features as well. Basically these TVs will replace the entertainment features of PC, Laptops and Tablets. Mostly these high end TVs comes with HDMI, AV, USB, LAN ports as well as Wi-Fi built-in adaptor to connect to home network as well as Internet. On top of these the application store will contain Apps to connect to Netflix like content providers.

Since these are LED TVs, they consume very less power compare to LCD and Plasma. Normally most of the TVs in this category come with power rating 5 star which means very low power consumption.

Difference Between 3D LED TV and Smart 3D LED TV

(1) Both are almost same except for some advanced features related to content sharing and internet applications.

(2) 3D LED TV can connect to internet via LAN port at the back or Built-in Wi-Fi or Wi-Fi ready access device but Smart TV has more Internet related applications.

(3) Both LED 3D and Smart LED 3D support for DLNA digital home to share photos and videos in home network.

(4) Smart TVs comes with lots of applications like Facebook, Picasa, YouTube, Web Browsing, Skype and more applications depend on the manufacturer. (Samsung ,LG , Sony)

So if you are investing your money on 3D LED TV, why not pay a little more and buy a smart TV along with LED and 3D. it will revolutionize the way you have ever watched TV.


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    my only concern is , is there really a series 9 in the samsung range of smart tv’s

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