Difference Between 3D TV and 3D Ready TV

3D TV vs 3D Ready TV

Before we talk about the difference between 3D and 3D ready, it is pertinent to talk a little about three dimensional TV first. It is an umbrella term to describe those TV’s that use a display technology to enable viewers to enjoy programs and movies, and yes video games in 3D, which is a stereoscopic effect adding the illusion of a third dimension (read depth) in sharp contrast to what TV viewing has all along been. The current TV technology is capable of only 2D, which is allowing viewers to watch only height and width. Those who have watched 3D movies in theaters know the difference between 2D and 3D.

Coming to the point, before you buy a new 3D TV, it is better to ensure what you are buying, a full 3D TV or a 3D ready TV, as with a 3D ready TV, you might need additional accessories to watch content in 3D as without these devices, your new 3D TV might be no more than a regular TV. And as far as technologies for these two types of TV’s are concerned, there are quite a few to confuse you further such as laser, Plasma, LCD and DLP.


Also called full 3D TV, these are TV’s that allow users to view content in 3D right out of the box. They just require specified 3D glasses that you need to purchase from the market to view the content in 3D. All 3D TV’s coming out in the market after March 2010 use the latest 3D technology which is side by side or top-bottom panels.

3D ready

Unfortunately, those TV’s that have been purchased before March 2010 are not compatible with this new 3D technology and thus users will not be able to view content in 3D. This has prompted manufacturers to come up with an adaptor for these TV’s that will beam the content in 3D. This is precisely why you must not be fooled by captions such as full 3D ready HD TV. You will not only have to wait till the manufacturing company comes up with the special adaptor, it also means that you may have to shell out extra money to be able to watch the content in 3D. until then, the TV would work just as another regular 2D TV.


• 3D and 3D ready are two terms used by manufacturers to sell their 3D TV’s these days

• While 3D TV’s can be used right away to watch the content in 3D with an additional 3D glasses, 3D ready are in reality 2D TV’s as they cannot display content in 3D unless you buy extra devices to view content in 3D. Even these starter kits (read special adapters) are still not ready.