Difference Between 4 Star and 5 Star Hotel

4 Star vs 5 Star Hotel

Are you planning a stay in a hotel and wondering what is the difference between five star and four star hotel that are worth for the money, then read on. Gone are the days where the weary travelers spent the overnight in the inns of the countryside when the darkness gropes over their journey. Replacing those warm comfy lodgings run by the village folks in the bygone days, today, we have commercial establishments known as hotels with every luxury on earth, though its main function is to provide lodging and meals. The general requirement to be called as a “hotel” is to have a minimum of six letting bedrooms, with at least three of them having attached private bathrooms. This article is an attempt to shed light on the hotels ratings which is being used as a means of quantifying the quality of a hotel in terms of both service delivery and facilities offered with special reference to the primary difference that lies between a five star and a four star hotel . Hotel Ratings that are usually reflected in the forms of stars, give us a n overall glimpse into the fact that what the particular hotel would look like in general. For example, the key difference that sets apart a four star and five star hotels is the fact that a four star hotel would offer the service as you needed while the five star hotel would anticipate in advance you may need such service with everything being available for prompt delivery at any given time.

Facilities and Services at 5 Star Hotels

Service Delivery

A five star hotel would be impeccable in its service. It is open around the clock seven days a week all year around. A last minute request to arrange a full-course dinner for eight with rare Japanese apples and Zebra Milk on table would come as a no surprise for them. With on call butler service and a personal valet being available to you at any time, their service is respectful and solely personal and might even use guest names where appropriate. The service of butlers at a five star hotel is so admirable that they might even help you to shave, draw a bath or lay out your clothes!


Restaurant open to residents and non-residents, ensuite bathrooms with WC, thermostatically controlled showers, permanent luxury suites, comprising three separate rooms – bedroom, lounge and bathroom, fitness rooms including personal headphones or televisions and the latest magazines, additional facilities, such as secondary dining, leisure, business Centre, spa – are the definite items that a five star hotel will have on its card.

Difference Between 4 Star and 5 Star Hotel

Facilities and Services at 4 Star Hotels

However, the scenario differs when it comes to a four star hotel where the service should come to you as needed. Thus, most of the above mentioned facilities and services that a five star hotel would provide, is “optional” and not compulsory in the case of a four star hotel.

What is the difference between 4 Star and 5 Star Hotel?

Yet, what both the hotels have in common is the luxury environment provided for their guest, with the key differences lying in the physical environment and the comprehensiveness of services provided.

  • Amnesties: Four-star rooms consists of basics such as triple-sheeted beds, no less than 10 types of hangers, and live plants while five star rooms have been meticulously designed with attention to details. Be it the tableware, bed linen, fabrics, colour schemes, they have been individually designed with thoughtful touches that create an experience.
  • Service Delivery: In case of four star hotels, service is need based whereas, in five star hotels, your needs are anticipated in advance and delivered in time to delight you.

However, at the end of the day, what makes the major “difference” is the price! Be it the superlative care at a five star hotel or the average luxury service at a four star, everything will have a weight on the per person per night rate that you have to pay. Yet, there are instances where both the hotels go beyond the mere monetary gain and offer their customers a memorable experience. For instance, if you are lucky enough to be honeymooners, they might offer a significant discount on your hotel rate and be generous enough to offer a private dinner free of charge with a splendid wine bottle or they might even go to the extent of decorating your hotel bed with roses!

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