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Difference Between Acute Angle and Obtuse Angle

Acute Angle vs Obtuse Angle

Angles are defined as the shape formed by the intersection of two straight lines. The straight line segments are called the sides, and the point of intersection is known as the vertex. The size of an angle is measured by the separation of its sides around the vertex. The measure of angle can also be defined mathematically as the ratio between the arc created by the angle and the radius of the arc.

Radians are the standard unit of measurement of angles, though degrees and grad are also used. Angles are typically used as a measurement of rotation or angular separation.

Angles are an important concept in the study of geometry, and they are classified based on their special features. An angle is acute if its magnitude is less than π/2 rad or 90° (i.e. 0≤θ≤π/2 rad). An angle is called an obtuse angle if its magnitude is in between π/2 rad or 90° and π rad or 180°.


Acute Angle                                                                  Obtuse Angle 

The other side of the obtuse angles and acute angles always create reflex angles.

What is the difference between Obtuse Angle and Acute Angle?

• Acute angle is an angle with size less than π/2 rad or 90°

• Obtuse angle is an angle with size between π/2 rad or 90° and π rad or 180°

• In other words, an angle between a straight angle and a right angle is known as an obtuse angle, and an angle less than a right angle is known as an acute angle.


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