Difference Between Adjective and Verb

Adjective vs Verb

Verbs and adjective are parts of speech that are used commonly while talking and writing. Verbs are action words while adjectives are words that tell us more about nouns. These two are word categories, and there are many such categories of words in English language. There are many differences between verbs and adjectives that are highlighted in this article.


An adjective is a word that is used to describe the qualities of a noun. Big, tall, light, good, heavy, intelligent, moron, etc. are some of the words that we use in our daily lives to describe people, animal, and things. We can quantify, identify, and describe a noun by making use of these words. If you say that the novel is long but gripping, you have used two adjectives to describe it as being lengthy but interesting one at the same time. Take a look at the following examples to understand the meaning and usage of these adjectives.

• John is tall, dark, and handsome.

• Helen is a beautiful girl.

• She wore a dress that was pink in color.

• This car is very expensive.


A verb is an action word that tells us the condition or the experience of the subject. It is a state of being that is perhaps the most important part of a sentence. It is easily distinguishable as we get to know the action with the help of these words. Take a look at the following examples to know the meaning of a verb and its usage.

• The cat jumped over the fence.

• The car hit the pedestrian.

• The minister planted the saplings to mark the occasion.

What is the difference between Adjective and Verb?

• Verb is an action word whereas adjective is a describing word.

• Adjective tells us more about the noun, whereas verb tells us about the condition, experience, or the state of mind of the subject.

• Both are parts of speech but very different from each other.

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