Difference Between Adobe CS4 and Adobe CS5

Adobe CS4 vs Adobe CS5

CS 4 (Adobe Creative Suite 4) and CS 5 (Adobe Creative Suite 5) are two versions of the Adobe Creative Suite. Adobe Creative Suite, called CS is a wonderful collection of applications on graphic designing, video and photo editing, and web development. These suites, of which  CS5 is the latest, contain all renowned technologies developed by Adobe such as Photoshop, Acrobat, InDesign etc. CS5 got released in 2010 and is an improvement upon its earlier version called CS4. CS4 was extremely popular among artists and it is natural for them to ask about new features in CS5. Adobe CS5 has 5 editions, namely CS5 Design Standard, CS5 Design Premium, CS5 Web Premium, CS5 Production Premium, and CS5 Master Collection.

CS5 has hundreds of new features that were not there in CS4. Then there are hundreds of features and functions that have been enhanced upon already existing features and functions in CS 4. To make it easier to understand for the readers, Photoshop CS 5 Extended alone has 18 new features that were not there in CS 4, and there are 14 more that have been improved upon functions that were there in CS 4.

There are many products inside CS 5, and they are given below. These products are differently packaged in different editions, Adobe CS5 Master Collection contain all these products and costs up to 60% less than purchasing the individual products separately. It’s priced at $2,599. The individual editions CS5 Design Standard, CS5 Design Premium, CS5 Web Premium and CS5 Production Premium cost between $1,299 to $1,899.

- Photoshop CS5 Extended

- Dreamweaver CS5

- Illustrator CS5

- InDesign CS 5

- Acrobat 9 Pro

- Flash Catalyst CS5

- Flash Professional CS5

- Contribute CS5

- Fireworks CS5

- Premiere Pro CS5

- After Effects CS5

- Soundbooth CS5

- OnLocation CS5

- Encore CS5

Each of these products has significant features added and also improved upon their versions found in CS 4. It would suffice to say that CS 5 is a great advancement over CS 4, and even for those who had been using CS 4, resisting the temptation to switch over to CS 5 would be great.

To illustrate this point, take a look at some of these brand new features, which were not there in CS 4.

• Additive grain in Adobe camera Raw

• Automatic lens correction

• Straighten image tool

• Post crop vignetting

• Adjustments panel (enhanced)

• Localized adjustments in camera Raw plug-in (enhanced)

• Camera raw adjustments for TIFF and JPEG (enhanced)

• Noise removal in Adobe Camera raw (enhanced)


» Adobe CS 5 and CS 4 are names of great applications in photo and video editing, web development and graphic designing.

» CS 5 has great new features as well as countless enhancements of features already existing in CS4.

» Adobe CS5 has 4 editions, namely CS 5 Design Premium, CS5 Web Premium, CS5 Production Premium, and CS5 Master Collection.