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Difference Between Adoption and Adaptation

Adoption vs Adaptation | Adapt vs Adopt

Adoption and Adaptation are two words that are often confused due to the appearing similarity in their meanings. They should be considered as two words that show differences between them.

The word ‘adoption’ refers to ‘fostering a child or a village’, and it is important to know that there are several rules governing the process of adoption. The word ‘adaptation’ on the other hand, refers to the usage ‘to adjust to’. This is primarily the difference between the two words, namely, adoption and adaptation.

Observe the two sentences:

1. The adaptation made by the villagers is praise-worthy.

2. The parents of the child adapted to the given situation.

In both the sentences given above, the word ‘adaptation’ and ‘adapted’ give the sense of ‘to adjust to’, and hence, the meaning of the first sentence would be ‘the villagers adjusted nicely and hence their behavior is praise-worthy’, and the meaning of the second sentence would be ‘the parent of the child nicely adjusted to the given situation’.

The word ‘adoption’ gives the meaning of ‘decision to bring up’ or ‘to foster’, as in the sentences:

1. The adoption of the child by the parents was applauded by all.

2. There are a number of rules about adoption.

In both the sentences mentioned above, you can see that the word ‘adoption’ is used in the sense of ‘decision to bring up’ or ‘to foster’ and hence, the first sentence would mean ‘the decision to bring up the child by the parents was applauded by all’, and the second sentence would mean ‘there are a number of rules about the decision (procedure) to foster a child’. A child that has lost parents is usually adopted although, there is no strict rule about it. These are the differences between the two words, namely, adoption and adaptation.


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