Difference Between Adoration and Veneration

Adoration vs Veneration

Adoration and veneration are terms with similar meanings. However, in Catholic Christianity, adoration is differentiated with veneration. Despite similarities, there are differences between veneration and adoration that will be talked about in this article.


Adoration is a term that is reserved for worship of God alone. It comes from the Greek Latria, which is used to praise and adore the Supreme Being. In Catholic Christianity, you as a believer can adore the God as someone who is perfect in every way.


Veneration is a term that is used for honoring the saints and Mary. Their worship is not the same as our worship of god, and this is why it is referred to as veneration that comes from the Greek Dulia. We can honor the saints and Mary as we know that they are virtuous Christians, and we need to respect and adulate them. However, we are also aware that saints are not God and do not need to be worshipped.

What is the difference between Adoration and Veneration?

• Adoration is reserved for God alone as we worship him for being the savior, the Supreme Being who is perfect in every way.

• Veneration is reserved for saints and Mary as we honor them for being virtuous Christians.

• Adoration comes from Greek latria, whereas veneration comes from Greek Dulia.

• If there are degrees of honor, you can begin with admiration and go on to veneration (high honor) and finally reach adoration (highest honor).