Difference Between Aftershave and Cologne

Aftershave vs Cologne

Aftershave and Cologne are two substances that are used in the process of shaving the beard. They are of course used with difference. They are not one and the same substance.

Aftershave is used immediately after shaving your beard with either the use of a shaving cream or a shaving gel. On the other hand although cologne is used immediately after shave the purpose of its use is different.

Cologne is used to add some fragrance to your face after shave. This is the main purpose behind the use of cologne. On the contrary the main purpose of using aftershave is to get some sort of relief from pain due to small cuts that might result from the use of razor during shave.

One of the main differences between aftershave and cologne is that aftershave is used only on the face and the chin after shave. On the other hand cologne is used strategically on other parts of the body as well. This is also an interesting difference between aftershave and cologne.

Cologne is used mainly for the purpose of adding scent to the body. Hence it is more scented than anything else. Some permitted oils are also used in the making of cologne. On the other hand aftershave is not related much to scent. The antiseptic ingredients present in aftershave perform the healing of the cuts or small wounds that might result while shaving.

Hence aftershave is used more like an antiseptic cream rather than as a scent. On the contrary cologne is used more like a scent than an antiseptic. As a matter of fact cologne is more expensive when compared to an aftershave.

We often find that many companies manufacture aftershave and cologne in many fragrances much to the delight of their users.