Difference Between Aim and Goal

Aim vs Goal

Aim and Goal are two words that are often confused as words that have the same connotation. Strictly speaking they do not have the same connotation. They differ in their sense by a big margin.

An aim is a target for which you work or perform. On the other hand a goal is the ultimate dream of your life. You work to get the dream of your goal fulfilled. On the other hand you would try hard to reach the target called the aim of your life. For example your aim is to get admission into the college of business administration. Your goal of life is to become a great businessman.

Goal goes along with you all through your life whereas aim stops somewhere after it is realized. If the target is realized you would not longer think about it. On the other hand you will always be thinking about your goal and try to sustain it all through your life. Hence it can be said that a goal is permanent in nature whereas an aim is temporary in nature. This is the main difference between aim and goal.

If your goal is to become a great dental surgeon then you would strive hard to sustain your goal all through your life. You will not drop the goal in the middle. The goal ends with you. On the other hand the aim paves the way for the goal. Your aim of getting admission into a dental college when you were a student assisted a lot in building up your goal of becoming a good dental surgeon. This is also an important difference between aim and goal. Aim builds up goal. The contrary is not true. Hence the two words should be understood certainly with some sort of difference between them.