Difference Between Airless and Air Paint Sprayer

Airless vs Air Paint Sprayer

Spraying is a process of throwing paint particles over a surface to do a coating of the paint over it. It is a very quick process of painting a surface that is much more efficient than doing it with the help of a hand held brush. Though rollers can also be used for faster painting, spray painting is many times faster than that. Mostly paint is sprayed using a medium such as compressed air, and there is also airless spray. There are the pros as well as cons of air paint sprayer and an airless sprayer. This article takes a closer look at air spray and airless spray to let readers decide which of the two is a better option for them while painting inside a home or any other premise.

Air Paint Sprayer Guns

The basic premise of spray painting is to apply the coating of paint over a large surface area by pumping the paint from a gun that forces paint out of a small tip of the spray gun. In the case of an airless spray, there is no compressor to send air along with the atomized paint particles. For the interiors of a home, mostly spray guns that make use of compressed air are employed. This compressed air atomizes the paint particles and provides a very fine finish on the wall or any other surface.

Airless Spray Guns

In the case of airless spray guns, there is no air involved and the paint is pushed through a tip at a great force to atomize it. This turns the paint into a spray. The tip size varies according to the area of the surface to be painted, the thickness of the paint and the force of the paint gun that is being used.

Airless vs Air Paint Sprayer

• The paint sprayed through airless paint guns covers pits and crevices better than air spray guns because it has a higher pressure than air spray guns.

• One can do with a single coat in the case of airless spray guns as they cover the surface in a thicker coat than an air paint sprayer gun.

• Airless spray is wetter than air spray thereby providing a better adhesion.

• As paint comes out of the nozzle at a very high pressure in airless spray guns, the coating is thicker and more paint gets applied. As such, airless spray is better suited when doing benches and fences.

• There is more control over paint in the case of an air spray. Thus, it is more suitable for a finer job.